F1 return would have to be a ‘great opportunity’ for Alonso

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F1 return would have to be a ‘great opportunity’ for Alonso

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F1 return would have to be a ‘great opportunity’ for Alonso


Fernando Alonso says he would have to be presented with a great opportunity to consider a return to Formula 1 in 2020 despite testing for McLaren next week.

McLaren will be running two cars during the in-season test in Bahrain, with one being used for Pirelli tire testing. Alonso will drive one and a half days in the Pirelli car — his first appearance in a 2019 car since announcing his retirement from the category last year — but says he is not approaching it with a return to F1 in mind.

“As I said last year, and in Barcelona as well, my idea is not to come back,” Alonso said. “When I said bye bye last year, it was because this chapter is already complete and I achieved in F1 a lot more than what I dreamed of.

“I had great opportunities outside F1 to do things that are unprecedented, so that is why I took the decision. Coming back is not in the plan but if something happened and a great opportunity arrived, I would consider. I don’t close doors 100 percent to anything in the future.”

Alonso insists he is not missing F1 despite testing just two races after leaving, saying the focus is on helping McLaren in any way he can.

“Honestly, I’m not missing too much at the moment as I’ve been very busy. Maybe if I was relaxing at home it would be different but I have been testing and preparing different things so, not much time to miss anything.

“It was this opportunity with a Pirelli test to have a second car, and we talked to the team in winter testing about if there was any point or any benefit to the team if I was testing the car at one point during the season. I think the team decided this was the best moment and not taking time from the race drivers to develop the car.

“It’s more about testing the tires and maybe getting a little bit of an idea of what the car is doing this year. Being involved a little bit from last year in the development in the car is useful for the team, so I hope it’s a productive test.”