Avis named official rental car company of SVRA

Avis named official rental car company of SVRA

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Avis named official rental car company of SVRA


Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) today announced that Avis, a worldwide leader in mobility, is now the official car rental company of SVRA. Avis is redefining the rental car industry with advancements such as its Avis mobile app, connected cars, and cloud-based next-generation platform.

The company’s vision is a world where mobility is completely connected, integrated and on-demand. The goal is to enable customers to enjoy more productivity and less hassle through personalized, connected and streamlined transportation options.

“Avis is undoubtedly an industry leader through their focus on integrated mobility,” said SVRA CEO Tony Parella. “This is a true 21st-century transportation solution provider that empowers customers to acquire what they want, only when they need it. I couldn’t be more pleased to connect them with our SVRA community. Our members typically demand quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in the products and services they purchase.”

The agreement extends well beyond the convenience and service quality SVRA’s demographic demands. It also offers discounts of up to 25 percent for SVRA officials, members, and fans. Car owners, drivers, and SVRA staff frequently travel by air to event weekends and require top quality rental car service. The discounts sweeten an already very attractive offer.

Other top-brand companies that have joined the list of SVRA sponsors include Jaguar, Land Rover, Merrill Lynch, NetJets, Sunoco, and Mazda. SVRA’s nationwide platform is at the heart of the organization’s growth strategy. It is combined with the significant participation of legendary professional drivers and leveraging the high net worth demographic in the paddock for sponsorship attraction. This provides three pillars for business expansion. Company officials report consistent annual triple-digit growth since 2012.