INTERVIEW: Tyler Reddick on ‘the biggest week of my life’

INTERVIEW: Tyler Reddick on ‘the biggest week of my life’


INTERVIEW: Tyler Reddick on ‘the biggest week of my life’


Well, not sugarcoating anything, this is a damn big week for you, huh?

“Yeah, it’s the biggest week of my life, for sure. Winning the Xfinity Championship is pretty awesome, but getting right back into the swing of running in the Cup series as well, it has been an interesting experience.

“Obviously, everyone spends a lot of time preparing for this race. I knew a good bit before we announced all this. We knew it was going to happen, but we were just waiting for the right time to announce it. We were working at the shop to get everything ready and to make sure we were good to go. Now that we are here, everything seems like it’s kind of blowing by pretty quickly.”

Limited seat time and all, how does the Cup car feel to you?

“The car actually feels really nice. I think it’s fast. Some of my teammates think it’s a little loose and a little out of control at times, but that’s really just our qualifying setup. We knew we had to qualify on time and we did. We knew we wanted to give ourselves that locked-in position so we don’t have to race hard in the Duels. That was our mentality going into this deal.

“We knew we were an open car and we knew that we had to qualify in, so we took that all in mind. I think our car will be a little bit challenging (in the Duels), but it will be a good learning experience. It’ll all give us a direction of how far we need to go for the 500 on Sunday.

“I want to get aggressive, but I understand the bigger picture. You don’t want to tear up your car and go to a backup in the Duel. You want to keep that car that you’ve been working on and massaging on since Christmas time. You want to keep that car in your arsenal for when you get to the race on Sunday. These cars are definitely a lot quicker than the Xfinity cars.”

Reddick en route to victory in last February’s Daytona Xfinity race. (Image by Barry Cantrell/LAT)

And how do you feel about your Xfinity Series championship defense?

I feel really good about our team over on the Xfinity side. Randall Burnett (crew chief) is a great guy and I’ve gotten to know him pretty well here over the last few months. I think we’re getting along great. We like to give each other a lot of trouble right off the bat, which is perfect. I feel like we are going to have a really good relationship. We’re serious, but we know we need to have a little bit of fun.

“I’m feeling good about that car. We definitely know that we need to flex some muscle in that draft, because we want people to work with us on Saturday. It helps when you’ve won the race before, and especially since we won it last year, people are going to want to work with us. Teammates and all, we should be in a really good spot for that and hopefully we can be up front controlling most of it.

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