Ferrari changes have no impact on Haas - Steiner

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Ferrari changes have no impact on Haas - Steiner

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Ferrari changes have no impact on Haas - Steiner


The change in team principal at Ferrari has no impact on the relationship between the Scuderia and Haas F1, according to Guenther Steiner.

Maurizio Arrivabene was replaced by Mattia Binotto (pictured above with Steiner and team owner Gene Haas) early in January after Ferrari’s championship challenge in 2018 fell away after the summer break for the second year in a row. The death of Sergio Marchionne has also seen changes in terms of the Ferrari CEO — now Louis C. Camilleri — and at parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but many of Marchionne’s original plans have been carried through.

Those plans included promoting Charles Leclerc and strengthening Alfa Romeo’s ties with Sauber, and after the latter saw the team renamed Alfa Romeo Racing, Haas team principal Steiner says the partnership with his team is unaffected.

“No, absolutely not,” Steiner said when asked if the changes have affected his team. “It’s a question a lot of people ask me, but we’ve got a very solid relationship with them, technically, humanly, financially.

“We worked together now for three seasons, but it’s more than three seasons because we worked before with them for years — four or five years almost, so we are very solid with them. They respect us, we respect them. We collaborate very well.

“What they do with Sauber — or with Alfa Romeo, sorry! — is none of my business, and they know that I respect that fully, I don’t interfere. As long as we get what they promised — and they do — I’m happy. What they do otherwise… I don’t really care actually what they do with them, as long as we do what we always do.”

Steiner says he’s actually made a point of avoiding conversations about the Alfa Romeo involvement with Sauber in order to keep his own team’s relationship with Ferrari as easy as possible.

“What we get from them, we are very happy with. We didn’t have any negatives. I have no influence on what they do and I don’t want to have, because it’s not my business what they do with their business. I would never tell them — I don’t feel I am in a position to tell Ferrari what to do.

“What they do with Alfa, I have no influence and do not want to have any influence because we are happy with what we get from them and it’s all good.”