Miller's Mailbag: update

Miller's Mailbag: update

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Miller's Mailbag: update


Dear readers,

No Mailbag again this week. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Robin is continuing to get better by the day, and all signs point towards his returning to action soon.

Robin was deeply touched by the outpouring of support following last week’s note, so on his behalf, thank you, and feel free to keep the messages coming using the comments section below. You’re also welcome to continue sending Mailbag questions to the usual address. Robin will answer them in what will probably end up being a 500-page Mailbag upon his return.

Thank you again for your support while Robin continues to recover. In the meantime, all of the statements in last week’s message remain true. Plus, Scott Dixon is overrated because he never raced on dirt. (I’m steering clear of mentioning prize purses at Indy through fear of spiking Robin’s blood pressure.)

Finally, in recognition of long-time Mailbag sponsor HPD, we’d like to invite you to tell us what these guys are looking at.

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