Haas Italian GP appeal set for November 1

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Haas Italian GP appeal set for November 1

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Haas Italian GP appeal set for November 1


The FIA will hear Haas F1’s appeal of Romain Grosjean’s disqualification from the Italian Grand Prix on November 1.

Grosjean was disqualified after Renault lodged a protest against the legality of the floor Haas used in Monza. The Frenchman lost sixth place and with it eight points that at the time had moved Haas level with Renault in the constructors’ championship.

With a number of teams interpreting a technical regulation in different ways, the FIA issued a clarifying technical directive on July 25 and gave teams until the Sept. 2 Italian Grand Prix to make amendments to their floors. Haas cited supplier deadlines in claiming it would not be able to introduce any changes until Singapore two weeks later, but the FIA stuck to its original timeline as other teams were able to do so.

In correspondence regarding the planned changes Haas would implement, the FIA informed the team that running its previous specification of floor in Italy would leave it vulnerable to protest from a rival.

Haas immediately announced on the evening after the race that it would appeal the decision.

The team will go in front of the FIA’s International Court of Appeal in Paris on the Thursday after the Mexican Grand Prix.

The timing of the appeal hearing allows a decision to be made before the end of the season, so Haas and Renault should both know the confirmed constructors’ championship standings ahead of the final two rounds in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. Following Grosjean’s disqualification, Renault currently sits fourth with an eleven-point advantage over Haas.