Hamilton won't back off despite points advantage

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Hamilton won't back off despite points advantage

Formula 1

Hamilton won't back off despite points advantage


Lewis Hamilton will not start aiming for anything less than a race victory in the remaining races this season, even though he enjoys a significant advantage over Sebastian Vettel.

Victory in the Singapore Grand Prix moved Hamilton 40 points clear of his main title rival, meaning that one more victory in the remaining six rounds and second to Vettel in the other five will be enough for him to take the championship. While he admits his current lead is unexpected, Hamilton says it won’t affect the way he approaches the rest of the year.

“There’s just no need for me to look at the next races and think I need this and that,” Hamilton said. “In my mind, I need to win every race. So I’m just focused on trying to do that. I arrive wanting to win, and there will be weekends where we know we will be comfortably stronger and there will be weekends like Singapore where we knew we would be behind, but we still had that belief that we can win.

“I want to win every race, that’s the goal. Just not looking at the points. Of course I didn’t think we’d have a 40 point [advantage] at this point, and of course it’s nice having that, but it’s not the end. Until you say that it’s mathematically impossible, that’s the day I am working towards.”

Hamilton insists he is not concerned about reliability having an impact on his title hopes, saying he is prepared for further twists and turns before the season is out.

“Honestly I don’t let [fear] creep in at all,” he said. “I have the most utmost belief in the team. Also, I have raced for a long time, so I am aware that things can happen, but if you look at our performance this year reliability-wise it’s been not perfect, but really pretty great.

“It has improved from those issues that we’ve had in the past and what’s super encouraging to see is that when we do have those issues we’ve recovered a lot in those scenarios.

“Again at the end of the year you understand the car more and we’ve got on top of most of the potential issues. Who knows what is going to happen in these next six races but I can assure you we are going to arrive locked and loaded. That’s our approach.”