NASCAR, Daytona appeal to Alonso

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NASCAR, Daytona appeal to Alonso

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NASCAR, Daytona appeal to Alonso


Fernando Alonso admits there is “appeal” in racing in NASCAR and specifically the Daytona 500 at some stage in future as he considers his plans for 2019 and beyond.

An attempt at the Indy 500 in 2017 has sparked Alonso’s focus on securing the Triple Crown of Indy, 24 Hours of Le Mans and Monaco Grand Prix victories. With the latter two now under his belt and Alonso leaving F1 at the end of the season, he has been expected to compete in the majority of the IndyCar season.

But after a teaser video with Jimmie Johnson was released on Wednesday Alonso admits NASCAR is also on his radar.

“It’s definitely another series that is attractive, as all the motorsport series, they have their good things and their bad things and their appeal sometimes,” Alonso said. “We know NASCAR is one of the great series in motorsport. Obviously I never tested the car. I have zero information about the championship, the rules, so it’s a very difficult thing to judge. Let’s see what will happen there.”

Asked about Daytona specifically, Alonso replied: “Well it is one of those iconic races that definitely they are great and they are very important in motorsport. There is appeal in all of these kind of events.”

And Alonso suggests there are a number of other events in which he is interested in taking part, which means he is not necessarily going to commit to a full-time IndyCar seat.

“Well it’s not only what appeals to me. It’s also what are the best things in motorsport. Some of them, they are not maybe ready, or I’m not prepared to do those things, so I need to consider how much preparation or how much dedication I need to put into those new things to be ready and competitive.

“If I feel like I can be ready and competitive, I will accept the challenge. If I see it’s too difficult, I will postpone the challenge for later on. But it’s something that I need to consider in a wider range.

“I didn’t think too much (about Daytona) at the moment, but I’ll take it into consideration, yes.”

After testing an IndyCar at Barber last week, Alonso says the track time has not made it any easier to decide if he wants to run a full season or just at Indianapolis again.

“Not really, no. I think what I will do next year, it will be more based on how it makes me feel happy and trying to make something special, as I said, many times, being the best driver in the world of motorsport, not only Formula 1.

“I’m thinking. I’m checking a couple of things and hopefully by October or something like that, in one month’s time, I hope to get everything done and say to you.”