Bowyer steamed about lapped traffic after Darlington wreck

Image by Nigel Kinrade/LAT

Bowyer steamed about lapped traffic after Darlington wreck


Bowyer steamed about lapped traffic after Darlington wreck


Clint Bowyer’s frustration over wrecking out early at Darlington Raceway boiled over to expressing his thoughts on lapped traffic.

Bowyer took a hard hit when he plowed into the back of Ryan Newman. Newman was getting ready to head for pit road when he slowed in Turn 4 and Bowyer, unaware, ran into him. Newman went for a spin and hit the wall with the left side of his machine while Bowyer hit hard with the right side of his Ford.

Bowyer had been running 12th at the time of the accident on Lap 313.

“It was a shock,” Bowyer said of the accident. “I don’t know; he must have been pitting. I mean he just stopped right in the middle of the racetrack.”

Bowyer then went into an extended monologue about slower traffic. With Darlington being a two-groove track that races like it’s one-groove, traffic can be particular tricky for leaders trying to navigate the fast, slick, intermediate-length track. Just 16 cars were on the lead lap by the end of the night.

“First of all, the damn lappers out there,” said Bowyer. “I don’t know who the damn 99 car is [Derrike Cope] or whatever, but I think I lapped him 50 something times. He’s all over the damn place. You come by this guy, you don’t even have a chance to get track of where you’re at because of who you’re racing and some of the guys that are in the race.

“Everybody deserves a chance out there, but I’m tired of that crap. Frustrated. I was really proud of this car with Ned Jarrett here today (Bowyer’s car was running a throwback livery commemorating Jarrett’s 1965 Ford Galaxie -Ed.); it was a pretty special day. I don’t know what it is about this place — I run decent here, I never can finish. It’s always something stupid. I don’t know. I guess I’ll go home (and) pout some more.”

In 13 starts at Darlington Bowyer has just one top-10 finishes, which was back in 2007. He finished 36th Sunday.

But Bowyer wasn’t the only one upset with traffic. Martin Truex Jr. also got heated on the radio at one point about dealing with the backmarkers.

While leading during an early portion of the Bojangles’ Southern 500, Truex expressed his displeasure more harshly. Truex was trying to navigate traffic and keep his lead intact when he came over the in-car radio of the No. 78 Toyota and asked that the “sh*t boxes” be removed from the track.

Lapped traffic also impacted Truex’s night when he fell a lap down. As more and more drivers also fell off the lead lap, it left Truex working for 175 laps to get back on the lead lap. Truex finished 11th.