Alonso ‘thinks he’s God,’ says angry Magnussen

Image by Sam Bloxham/LAT

Alonso ‘thinks he’s God,’ says angry Magnussen

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Alonso ‘thinks he’s God,’ says angry Magnussen


Kevin Magnussen says Fernando Alonso “thinks he’s God” and was disrespectful in the qualifying incident that ruined each of their sessions at the Italian Grand Prix.

Alonso was overtaken by Magnussen on the run to Parabolica on the warm-up laps at the end of Q2 at Monza, and then attempted to repass the Haas at Turn 1 as both drivers started their final attempts. Going wheel-to-wheel meant they were both heavily compromised and could not improve their lap times, and after both were eliminated Magnussen vented his frustration at the Spaniard.

“Fernando was intentionally trying to be close at the exit of Parabolica and at the entry to Parabolica he was intentionally trying to be close in order to have a perfect slipstream and overtake into Turn 1,” Magnussen said. “That’s just disrespectful.

“We were six or eight cars in a bit of a group. At the exit of Ascari Fernando was warming his brakes I think, so not going fast. I am going fast so I just cruised past him but then for some reason he decides to try and accelerate and get close to me rather than create a gap as everyone else is doing.

“Obviously he got a perfect slipstream and thought he could overtake into Turn 1 but I’d rather hang myself.

“He thought he could have the perfect slipstream and overtake me, and then gain — I don’t know many tenths but you can gain a lot if you do that. But I am not going to let him past and then sacrifice my own lap, no way. I know he thinks he’s God but no way.

“I don’t care to speculate why he did it. I think it was just pretty stupid and not necessary.”

Magnussen and Alonso go wheel-to-wheel during qualifying. (Image by Andy Hone/LAT)

Asked if he had heard Alonso’s radio comments that Magnussen wanted to race, the Dane replied replied: “No, he came to me after qualifying and laughed to my face. Just outright disrespectful. I can’t wait for him to retire.

“He talks about his laps being divine and whatnot, he literally thinks he’s a god! It’s quite amusing.”

After an investigation, the stewards decided to take no further action as both drivers lost out in the incident, leaving Magnussen to start from 11th place and Alonso 13th.

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