Truex uncertain over future with FRR

Image by Whitton/LAT

Truex uncertain over future with FRR


Truex uncertain over future with FRR


Reigning series champion Martin Truex Jr. was asked point-blank about the chances he will be with Furniture Row Racing next year, and admitted he doesn’t know.

“That’s hard to put a number on,” Truex said at Bristol Motor Speedway. “Honestly, I really don’t know. I think in another week or two I’ll have a better answer for you. [A] better percentage.”

In the final year of his deal with the Barney Visser-owned team, Truex’s No. 78 Toyota also needs sponsorship as one of this year’s primary partners, 5-hour ENERGY, is departing at the end of the season.

Truex has previously stated he doesn’t think Visser wants to again fund the car out of his own pocket, as he had done up until this year. While Truex has indicated he would like to return to the team, issues such as sponsorship and manufacturer and alliance support need to be sorted out.

Furniture Row issued a statement earlier this month saying “not fielding a team in 2019 is not an option” and insists that it has every intention to compete next year.

Truex is third in the point standings as the end of the regular season approaches. He’s won four races going into Bristol.

“Right now, we need sponsorship, and that’s as simple as it gets,” Truex said. “It’s hard to say, is there a 50 percent chance we get that in a couple weeks, or a hundred percent chance, or two percent, I don’t know. I can tell you that everything is based upon that.”