Variety of programs separate Bertil Roos from the pack

Variety of programs separate Bertil Roos from the pack

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Variety of programs separate Bertil Roos from the pack


Bertil Roos Racing School offers programs for anyone who simply wants the exhilaration of getting behind the wheel of an open-wheel, Formula car to those looking to reach the highest levels of racing.

With an average ratio of one instructor for three students, the only way you will receive more track time and one-on-one attention is by hiring your own driving coach.

These programs require little or no prior experience and teach the best driving and racing techniques for drivers looking to improve their performance and car control. They range from a Half-Day Adventure Program to a 5-Day Road Racing School where you will have fulfilled all requirements for a SCCA competition license and be eligible to race in the Bertil Roos Race Series.

The Half-Day adventure program affords anyone the opportunity to suit up and strap in. Upon arrival, you will get the same style racing suit worn by the pros and fitted for the full-face helmet you will use for the day. You will participate in a classroom session, which is followed up with live demonstrations and practice laps in street cars before the experience of a lifetime which consists of two 20-minute race car sessions.


The One-Day School is geared for those who want more than the half-day of excitement and features four 20-minute track sessions.

Crammed with intensive training on how to drive a race car, the 3-Day Road Racing School offers an abundant amount of track time. No rev-limits are ever imposed and passing is allowed from the moment you strap into the race car. It differs from the adventure programs with a focus on teaching and training you to become a better, faster race car driver.


In the 3-Day School, you learn the techniques which set Bertil Roos Racing School apart from the competition. Those techniques include: Ocular Driving, the Auto Pilot, Rotational Turn-In, Line Recovery, Slide Control, Heel and Toe, and Creative Visualization.

Those who have taken the 3-Day Road Racing School or a similar experience can enter the 2-Day Advanced School, one of the most comprehensive, advanced programs in the world. First-day activities include drafting, practice race starts, qualifying strategies and racing tactics. Day two is structured like a race with practice, qualifying, practice starts and two 8-lap races.

The 5-Day Road Racing School is a combination of the 3-Day and 2-Day Schools, offering the best value and giving one an opportunity to go from spectator to a full-fledged SCCA accredited racer.

Bertil Roos Racing School offers other programs for the race track and the highway. To learn more visit or call 1-800-722-3669.