Budapest won’t be a Monaco repeat for Haas - Steiner

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Budapest won’t be a Monaco repeat for Haas - Steiner

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Budapest won’t be a Monaco repeat for Haas - Steiner


Haas will not struggle at this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix to the same extent it did in Monaco earlier this year, according to team principal Guenther Steiner.

After a competitive start to the season that saw Haas often the fourth-fastest team, Monaco was a different story as both cars dropped out of qualifying early and failed to challenge for points. The struggles were in part attributed to parts fatigue, with a number of modifications taking place during the weekend on the bumpy street circuit, but Steiner is confident the Hungaroring — with similar characteristics — will not prove so difficult.

“Let’s wait and see on Friday in Hungary what we are capable of doing,” Steiner said. “I never go into a race already beaten. We know what happened in Monte Carlo. We analyzed that one and we know where we ended up. We know the reasons, and they will not happen in this race.

“We might not be as good as on the high-speed tracks, but I don’t think we’ll be really bad. We knew what went wrong in the races that went wrong for us. We’ve got a lot of talented people who can analyze all that and do better.

“How much better we can do, I don’t know. For sure, we are not going in beaten, saying we cannot achieve anything here. Our car, and our drivers, are good enough to get good results at all the tracks. Some are better than others, but nothing will hopefully be as bad as Monte Carlo.”

Despite losing ground to Renault in the German Grand Prix last weekend when Haas struggled more in wet conditions, Steiner is confident his team is still well-placed to overhaul the French manufacturer.

“If we continue to do what we are doing, we are still in a very good position. Yes we lost two points but in the big picture it’s not a lot. I would rather have gained two points for obvious reasons but we lost them. These things happen but it’s racing.

“When we were running in normal conditions actually Romain [Grosjean] was getting closer to Nico [Hulkenberg] and for us it was going how it should be going, and then the sky opened up. Going forward I am pretty confident that we can put a good battle on for fourth. If we win it or not I don’t know but for sure we are in a good position to do it.”

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