McLaren more optimistic since Boullier departure - Alonso

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McLaren more optimistic since Boullier departure - Alonso

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McLaren more optimistic since Boullier departure - Alonso


Fernando Alonso says the restructuring at McLaren that included Eric Boullier resigning as racing director has led to a more optimistic atmosphere within the team.

Boullier left ahead of the British Grand Prix as McLaren amid a number of changes that the team said was designed to simplify the management structure, with Gil de Ferran coming in as sporting director. With the new organization having only been in place for two weeks, Alonso says there is unlikely to be any immediate impact on performances, but that he has seen an improvement in morale.

“I think on the driving point of view, we don’t feel a big impact,” Alonso said. “I think the operations here at the circuit, on the weekend, are a little bit faster, cleaner, maybe it’s a better organization, or more simple, so I think we can see benefits from this.

“On the factory side, I was not in the factory after Silverstone but the mood in the team is quite optimistic now. I see a lot of happy people and determined people about the future of McLaren. I think all of the changes were in the positive side.

“Even if you don’t touch the results or the facts yet, the general atmosphere I think is more optimistic now. I think in the short-term, medium-term we will see a benefit from the changes.”

In terms of physical changes, McLaren will have further new parts on its car during practice for the German Grand Prix on Friday, and Alonso says only a small gain in lap time is needed to gain a number of positions.

“We have some aerodynamic updates here so we will test them tomorrow,” he said. “We’ve been doing the same kind of program all Fridays so far and some of the parts we bring every weekend they are ready and we fit them for Saturday.

“Some other parts are not mature enough, and we are re-testing [them] with some modifications in the following weekend, and hopefully between all the parts here we will put something on Saturday and see more performance but I think everyone is doing more or less the same programs.

“On Saturday, we find out always from let’s say 17th or 18th to eighth it’s only two-tenths, so hopefully we are in the forward part of that group. But we will not know until Saturday.”