MPT Industries named exclusive motor oil of Bertil Roos Racing School

MPT Industries named exclusive motor oil of Bertil Roos Racing School

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MPT Industries named exclusive motor oil of Bertil Roos Racing School


Two elite high-performance brands have joined together with MPT Industries named the “Exclusive Motor Oil” of the Bertil Roos Racing School (BRRS).

Since 1985, MPT Industries has set the standard for improvements in lubrication with the production of full synthetic passenger car, motorcycle, and race car motor oils, as well as gear oils, fuel additives, and oil additives which are comprised of the finest synthetic basestocks and friction-reducing additives for longer engine life, better fuel economy, and extended drain intervals.

MPT Racing Oils will be used in the Bertil Roos Racing School’s fleets of Formula cars, which combine modern performance with the same great drivability that has made Bertil Roos Racing School a staple in the United States for over four decades.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the Bertil Roos Racing School,” MPT President Michael Trueba Jr. said. “As the “Exclusive Motor Oil,” we have the direct ability to provide more power and performance to their race cars, as well as extend the life of the engines and manual transmissions while decreasing maintenance and down time. Although students of the craft of auto racing can be harsh on equipment, our true synthetic lubricants are up to the task.”

Bertil Roos Racing School is the nation’s leading school for instruction in the highly intricate and technical form of European-style road racing. BRRS graduates can be found at every level of racing from the hobbyist to the top levels of the sport.

“MPT Industries and Bertil Roos Racing School share a goal of providing outstanding quality and high performance to their customers,” said Dennis Macchio, President of Bertil Roos Racing School. “Their products are made with the finest ingredients to help our vehicles perform at their highest levels.”

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