Changes made to Charlotte roval after drivers make shortcut

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Changes made to Charlotte roval after drivers make shortcut


Changes made to Charlotte roval after drivers make shortcut


Drivers cheating the chicane on the backstretch of the Charlotte road course forced NASCAR and speedway officials to make changes.

Located at the end of the backstretch near the oval’s Turn 3, the purpose of the chicane is to scrub speed off the cars before they enter back onto the banking. Drivers then hit another chicane on the frontstretch before the start/finish line.

Martin Truex Jr. rolls through Turn 3 (Image by Kelly Crandall)

But Tuesday during an open test for Cup Series teams, drivers were simply rolling over the rumble strips, shortening their distance and not losing speed.

During a break in the action because of a Darrell Wallace Jr. crash in a different section of the track, drivers and crew chiefs could be seen with officials out in the area discussing what was taking place.

NASCAR later announced the decision was made to add two additional rows of rumble strips as well as a tire barrier.

“The changes on the backstretch were just to keep everybody honest and keep everybody on the line that was defined [by] putting the tire barriers out there and all that stuff,” said Ryan Newman. “It is what it is.

“I hope it doesn’t change for the sake of us having the same opportunity as the guys next week at the test, but it’s been a learning experience for me all day.”

Sixteen drivers participated in Tuesday’s session, which was pushed to end at 6 p.m. ET because of the delays. Richard Petty Motorsports did not continue with the test after Wallace’s accident in the morning.

Fourteen drivers are slated for time at the speedway on Tuesday, July 17.

Charlotte will be the first elimination race of the playoffs when the series returns on Sept. 30.

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