Video: Castroneves' first national TV commercial

Video: Castroneves' first national TV commercial


Video: Castroneves' first national TV commercial


Helio Castroneves has been a fortunate man since shifting his career to North America in 1996, and even with three Indy 500 wins and a Dancing with the Stars title to his credit, he’d never starred in a national TV commercial.

Thanks to Pennzoil, sponsor of the 43-year-old Brazilian’s Team Penske Chevy in recent years at the Indy 500, Castroneves has realized another dream with the debut of a major new commercial that has hit the airwaves.

“This is the first big one,” he told RACER after taking a sneak peek at the spot before it went live on Sunday. “I had one with AAA at one point in some areas, and Verizon had some as well, but this is the big one for me.

“That’s why you don’t stop dreaming. Better late than never! Great opportunity to have a big company like Shell/Pennzoil investing in us, and it was cool to go to Houston to be with Joey Logano and Leah Pritchett to launch this. Also, Shell’s putting these commercials in their gas stations so you’ll see me when you fill up. It’s cool, really cool.”

Invited to film his reaction to seeing the commercial for the first time, RACER captured Castroneves’ response to the career milestone:

Here’s the full commercial: