At least 10 cars caught in first big crash at Daytona

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At least 10 cars caught in first big crash at Daytona


At least 10 cars caught in first big crash at Daytona


Brad Keselowski issued a stern warning after he was turned in front of the field Saturday night at Daytona.

“Ricky was pushing; he didn’t do anything wrong. My fault,” Keselowski stated, sarcastically, in his television interview. “Had a really fast Miller Lite Ford and you know, I’m just not wrecking enough people. I need to wreck more people so they’ll stop throwing bad blocks, and that’s what’s happening to me on the plate tracks.

“Everybody that’s watching all them drivers out throw another bad block I’m just going to drive through you and wreck you. So, look out at Talladega.”

Keselowski was charging on the inside with drafting help from Ricky Stenhouse Jr. when Stenhouse turned him. But Keselowski seemed to imply that race leader William Byron, a rookie, started the crash when he swung from the outside lane down to block Keselowski, slowing his momentum and leaving him vulnerable for Stenhouse’s bump.

Among the multiple others collected in the Lap 55 wreck were Denny Hamlin, Kurt Busch, Ryan Blaney, Clint Bowyer, Austin Dillon, Kevin Harvick, Aric Almirola, Daniel Suarez and Joey Logano.

“I was running in the high lane, and I just have to giggle, there’s no safe spot,” said Kurt Busch, who was first in the outside lane when the accident happened. “I thought being in the top two or three is pretty safe, but we just got clipped from behind. Usually, there’s that danger zone that everybody knows about from third to 12th and we didn’t get strung out enough to get away from some of the action.

“It’s a bummer night for Monster Energy Ford. It was fast. We put her on the bottom at the end of stage one to gain some points, but now we’ve got nothing. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I do have to giggle. There’s no safe spot out there.”

Said Hamlin, “I’m not sure, but somebody probably wrecked somebody and usually whoever starts it, usually doesn’t get wrecked, but I don’t really know. The 2 [Keselowski] was sideways in front. The 2 got wrecked, and so did everybody else. It’s unfortunate. The Coke Zero Sugar 400 usually is this type of race, but it usually happens much later in the night. Unfortunate for all the cars that got torn up.

“Now it’s a total crapshoot. It looks like most of the contenders that battle for these races are taken out, but you never know. It could be pretty exciting at the end, but unfortunate for our FedEx Cares / Team Rubicon Camry that we’re not going to be a part of it.”

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