Verstappen takes blame for FP2-ending crash

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Verstappen takes blame for FP2-ending crash

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Verstappen takes blame for FP2-ending crash


Max Verstappen admits he was pushing too hard on the hardest compound tire when he crashed on just his second lap of FP2 at the British Grand Prix.

Having stopped toward the end of the opening practice session, Verstappen was on just his second lap of the afternoon when he overcorrected a slide on the exit of Luffield and spun into the wall on the outside of the track. With the right rear corner of the Red Bull damaged, Verstappen was unable to return after the incident and took responsibility for the error.

“I think I wanted to be too quick on the hard tire, so I just lost it,” Verstappen said. “Unfortunately the way then that you hit the wall, it just rips off the right rear. It’s not ideal to lose the second session, but the feeling I had before that was actually quite good. I think balance-wise, we are not too far off. It’s just we are losing a lot of lap time on the straight.”

Although missing out on plenty of running on Friday, Verstappen says Silverstone is a circuit that he instantly feels comfortable on and doesn’t expect to be hampered in qualifying.

“I feel good always around this track. Of course it’s better to drive a lot, but I feel confident already in FP1 with the harder tires. I think the pace was good. Like I said, it seems like we are definitely not fighting for pole, but we’ll just try again tomorrow. At least I have two sets of softs, so that’s positive.

“We’ll try [long runs] tomorrow. FP3 is still long enough to get that in, so I’ll get some information from that, and I know I have Daniel [Ricciardo’s] data so it should be all right.”

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Ricciardo himself was over 0.8s off Sebastian Vettel’s pace in FP2 and admits Red Bull looks out of contention in qualifying trim at this stage of the weekend due to its deficit on the straights.

“We certainly lose a fair bit,” Ricciardo said. “We see on the overlays some corners we are able to gain a little bit of a chunk, but then we lose a bit of that and more. So we will do what we can. At the moment we seem like we are not on their pace. That is a fact at least today. We will try find something that puts us there tomorrow.

“Just keeping the tires in good condition in these uncharacteristic hot conditions in Silverstone is key. If we can get on top of that, maybe longer runs, once we get into the race on Sunday, then perhaps things will come to us.

“I hope for better tomorrow but I wouldn’t expect too much for qualifying. We will try to focus on the race. If we are going to qualify on the third row then we need to try understand how to make the tires go longer and then we can have a chance on Sunday.”

-Chris Medland

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