Boos irk, but Kyle Busch still comfortable playing black hat role

Image by Lesley Ann Miller/LAT

Boos irk, but Kyle Busch still comfortable playing black hat role


Boos irk, but Kyle Busch still comfortable playing black hat role


Kyle Busch isn’t fazed by being fitted with NASCAR’s black hat.

“Man, I’ve had the black hat for a long, long time, so it doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t bother my sponsors and they can accept that,” Busch said. “And they can be within our circle and know who I am as a person outside the race car rather than the one-minute tidbits of TV that you get from a guy on television.”

And yet, Busch concedes it is human nature to want to be liked.

“In the end, somebody told me earlier this week there’s only one judge that can judge you, and that’s when it’s all said and done, and you’re either going up, or you’re going down, that’s the only guy you’ve got to answer to,” Busch said. “Everybody else out there is just full of opinions like they’re full of something else, and that’s just a fact of the matter.

“It sucks sometimes, but other times when you’re doing what you feel is right or if you’re doing what you feel is good to those that are around you, then your circle is all that matters, as well.”

Busch’s remarks were made during a media scrum while he was on hand to help reveal the Toyota Supra that will be coming to the Xfinity Series next season. Among the wide-ranging topics thrown his way, Busch was pressed some more on the ending of last weekend’s race at Chicagoland Speedway where he won after a frantic last lap with Kyle Larson.

Busch celebrates atop his battered Camry after winning at Chicagoland. (Image by Logan Whitton/LAT)

Although Busch and Larson found their battle fun, it wasn’t universally accepted by the fans. Busch, seemingly always the bad guy in the fans’ minds, was booed when he climbed out of his Toyota at the start/finish line, leaving him to call out those who were upset and make a crying motion into the camera.

“When you put on a great show, and you have a really fun time being able to race these cars, and you do everything as hard as you can to try to win a Cup Series race and for as hard as they are to win … it would certainly be nice to have some appreciation for putting on a good show for those fans,” said Busch.

“When the boos are reigning down on you in that moment, it certainly doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or what’s going on or what you’re doing or what you just did, and so you sometimes aren’t thinking straight or clearly in those moments, and you do what you do. You know, I wouldn’t say that that race was fun to win afterwards, but it’s a win that’s now in the history books, and we move on.”

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