Leclerc expects ‘amazing’ Sauber run to end

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Leclerc expects ‘amazing’ Sauber run to end

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Leclerc expects ‘amazing’ Sauber run to end


Charles Leclerc is expecting Sauber’s run of “amazing results” to come to an end over the next part of the European season despite scoring another point in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Having scored the first points of his career with a stunning sixth place in Azerbaijan, Leclerc followed up with a further score by finishing 10th in Spain. Retirement in Monaco came after another competitive performance and Canada saw his fourth consecutive Q2 appearance before once again securing 10th position on Sunday.

“I can’t believe that we are having such positive races,” Leclerc said. “Actually that’s now four or five races that we are just having amazing results race after race. So it’s great but we need to keep working and keep improving like we are doing and hopefully it will continue like that.

“We are bringing small steps but always steps that are going in the right direction since the beginning of the season. So I think that’s our strength. Every time you can feel a little bit of progress in the team.

“We need to be careful a little bit because I believe that the four or five next races will be a lot more difficult for us, but we’ll have to see. I’m extremely happy with the races we’ve done until now. We’ve taken every opportunity we had to score points and about this we should be very proud.”

Asked why he expects to struggle at the upcoming races, Leclerc added: “Because you just need more downforce on tracks like Le Castellet or the four or five races that are after, and that’s where we are lacking at the moment. We will work and hopefully we will improve but at the moment that is our downside.”

Leclerc leads Fernando Alonso in Canada (Image by Andy Hone/LAT)

Although wary of the upcoming circuits, Leclerc himself believes he has continued to improve after racing Fernando Alonso again in Canada, holding off the McLaren before a slow pit stop saw him just lose out when rejoining the track.

“This time I managed to keep him behind. He undercut us after that but on track I kept him behind, which was great. As I said in the past, fighting with those drivers always helps me to grow quicker so it was good.

“We had a little bit of a problem with the pit stop with the front right or the front left, I can’t remember. That made us lose a little bit of time, otherwise I think we would have been in front, but it’s part of racing and sometimes it happens.

“The guys here are doing an incredible job with pit stops, I think we have done the best pit stop again with Marcus [Ericsson] this time, in Monaco it was with me. So it happens that you do some errors sometimes and it was not a big one. It happens and it’s like this. In the end it wouldn’t have changed anything anyway because [Alonso] retired the car.”

-Chris Medland

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