Multiple companies in mix to sponsor Johnson, No. 48

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Multiple companies in mix to sponsor Johnson, No. 48

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Multiple companies in mix to sponsor Johnson, No. 48


Jimmie Johnson says there are “multiple companies” interested in sponsoring his No. 48 Chevrolet next season.

“It’s going really well. We’ll hopefully have something to announce in the near future but the excitement about the 48 car, the multiple companies that are interested and the ideas and the ways that people would like to use us are very exciting and encouraging,” said Johnson.

“Of course, we don’t want to see Lowe’s leave. We’ve had such an amazing run with them, and there’s a little bit of fear associated with such a big sponsor and such an integral part of Hendrick Motorsports leaving. But the response has been very, very strong. When Mr. [Rick] Hendrick makes his decision and we’re able to ink what opportunities are out there, those announcements will be made. But things have been going very well.”

Lowe’s will depart the team at season’s end. They have been Johnson’s primary sponsor since he entered the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in 2002.

Of the companies interested, Johnson didn’t deny Red Bull is one of them.

“I think there’s interest from a variety of different companies,” said Johnson. “They’re certainly one of a long list of hopefuls.”

Johnson said from the beginning he wanted to be involved in this process and see how the network he’s created over the years might assist the sponsorship search. Two months since the Lowe’s announcement was made, Johnson says he’s learned a ton and has indeed been able to bring contacts to the table.

“Then also others have come along through Mr. Hendrick’s network and other networks,” Johnson said. “It’s taking a lot of time and it’s been a fun, new experience for me.

“The process is long. A lot of conversing and ideas, and you feel like sometimes a conversation with a given company is going in a different direction and they go to work and brainstorm and come back with a new idea and angle. It’s amazing how much follow up is involved and how much collaboration exists through it all.”