PersonaGrip custom-molded steering wheels celebrates 25 years with a limited special-pricing program

PersonaGrip custom-molded steering wheels celebrates 25 years with a limited special-pricing program


PersonaGrip custom-molded steering wheels celebrates 25 years with a limited special-pricing program


To celebrate a quarter-century since his wheel Ser.#001 won the ’93 Indy 500 in the hands of Emerson Fittipaldi and got stolen that night during the Victory Banquet! steering wheel guy Ed Dellis is rolling back prices to match that wheel’s price of $495 for a limited time.

Additionally, speed shops and teams can now purchase sealed/embossed certificates containing serial numbers that enable today’s discount pricing to be applied to steering wheels modified after the program expires.

Using patented leveraging technology, drivers detect a new steering feel they never knew existed.

Normally, suede/leather-wrapped wheels require drivers to squeeze the wheel since they rely mainly on the friction between their hands and the wheel. This squeezing hides and masks critical steering feedback at the limit which is the resistance to turning that builds to a point before it goes away as the wheel is turned.

Dellis explains this concept further in videos recorded at a Berlin steering conference, that can be found by clicking here.

Independent EMG tests (NIOSH, 11/94) showed that 54% less effort is needed with the PersonaGrip technology. This translates into a highly improved signal-to-noise ratio in the steering feedback signal.

Drivers in IndyCar have commented that the cornering limit seems to “light up” in their minds with a relaxed grip, and mid-corner throttle application seems more intuitive.

Today’s Basic Tuner program at $495 gets you the latest moldable compound attached to your steering wheel as a smooth, featureless blank of normal girth that’s ready for customer molding…and re-molding time and time again.

The Basic Tuner program is designed for drivers and teams who are already familiar with shaping high-melt-index thermoplastics. This program provides a good, reliable foundation as they dial-in the most critical Human-Machine Interface (HMI) in their racecars.

The Custom Tuner program at $750 adds an initial mold that’s based on data from a questionnaire, driver feedback, and GoPro footage inside the cockpit showing hand movement.

Michael Schumacher’s Ser.#159/F1-001 was developed in this manner, and it found the winner’s circle at the ’95 Monaco Grand Prix the day after it arrived.

The Custom Tuner Program also adds the latest technology in surface treatments and logo embossing; again, based on driver feedback.

This Custom Tuner program arrives completely pre-molded and incorporates lessons learned from designing 822 individual steering wheel grips developed over a quarter-century for drivers in IndyCar, F1, NASCAR, IMSA, USAC, Trans-Am, NHRA, The Unlimiteds, F1 Boats, shifter karts, and off-road, too.

In both programs, drivers supply the steering wheel, or one can be purchased separately through

With overnight shipping, a 36-hour turnaround is normal.

For more information, contact:

Ed Dellis
2973 Harbor Blvd, #314
Costa Mesa, CA 92626