Drivers will have input into Miami F1 layout

Image by Patrice Audet/Pixabay

Drivers will have input into Miami F1 layout

Formula 1

Drivers will have input into Miami F1 layout


Formula 1 drivers will be asked to give their input regarding the track layout if a Miami Grand Prix goes ahead, according to FIA president Jean Todt.

Miami moved a step closer to a spot on the 2019 calendar last week when the Miami City Commission approved plans to move ahead with finalizing a hosting contract. A deal with F1 has yet to be agreed but a provisional track layout was released by a Miami City Commissioner earlier in May that led Lewis Hamilton to offer his services as he doesn’t like the initial proposal.

Todt says the drivers do get the opportunity to give their opinion if they wish, but also pointed out the process Miami still has to go through that will allow further input.

“You have access to all our commissions,” Todt said. “You’ll see we have driver representatives. I respect them, but they have access and unfortunately very often there is a meeting and they don’t come to the meeting.

“They are represented. You can see since my re-election I’ve been putting different presidents of commission – we have Felipe Massa who is president of the karting commission. We are inviting and welcoming drivers to participate.

“We have regular contacts and we welcome any kind of comment and contribution.

“But at the moment we are talking about a race that doesn’t exist yet. We are discussing with the commercial rights holder to see if it’s possible, and then we will send a safety representative and the drivers will be invited to contribute.”

The first iteration of the circuit that was released is based around Biscayne Boulevard and Port Miami, making use of the Port Boulevard causeway for a long flat-out section leading into a hairpin and then doubling back on itself.

This week the originally proposed track layout was called into question due to a dispute over the use of land known as Parcel B – a waterfront section of the layout next to the American Airlines Arena – which means changes are already likely should the race go ahead.