TV meteorologist ties weather and racing together

TV meteorologist ties weather and racing together

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TV meteorologist ties weather and racing together


David Biggar loves the rain. Not only because it makes his job as a meteorologist for KNBC in Los Angeles more interesting, but also because his best races and finishes in Spec Miata have come in the wet. “I’m a meteorologist at NBC4 Los Angeles and I’ve been working there for almost four years now,” says Biggar. “I used to work up in the Sacramento area at another NBC station, and a couple of years ago one of my best friends, Phillip Holifield – who’s a really great Spec Miata driver – got me into this whole, ‘Hey, lets take your car to the track,’ thing, so I did a track day in a regular sedan.

“[Holifield’s] dad was the one who decided to buy a Spec Miata,” Biggar continues. “We kind of crewed for him for a season, then Phil started driving, and I said, ‘This is too fun to pass up.’ So I decided to start driving right after that. I’ve been [racing] since.”

That was about eight years ago, and Biggar still does most of his racing in Northern California at tracks like Sonoma Raceway, Laguna Seca and Thunderhill, although he did recently enter the SCCA Hoosier Racing Tire Super Tour at Buttonwillow. The Sunday morning race at Buttonwillow was one where his knowledge and interest in weather came into play.

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