Ricciardo expects ‘more respect’ from Verstappen in future battles

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Ricciardo expects ‘more respect’ from Verstappen in future battles

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Ricciardo expects ‘more respect’ from Verstappen in future battles


Daniel Ricciardo expects to get “more respect” from Max Verstappen in future battles with his teammate after “clear the air” talks with Red Bull following their crash in Baku.

The two Red Bull drivers collided after an almost race-long battle that saw the two touch wheels at one stage, with Ricciardo eventually running into the back of Verstappen when trying to overtake under braking for Turn 1. The pair were careful not to apportion significant blame to each other immediately after the race, but since meetings back at the team’s factory Ricciardo hinted Verstappen would need to change his approach.

Questioned on whether he felt the contact was inevitable, Ricciardo replied: “When you watch the race back you say that, and it is easy to look at it and say obviously it was going to happen.

“If I am honest, when it happened I wasn’t that surprised because it was a bit of a build-up. Obviously I didn’t want it to happen, but again it is easy once it happens to then say that was going to happen. If we are in that position again it would be handled differently, or at least with some more respect on track.”

When asked how the new rulebook from Red Bull is, Ricciardo added: “I have a rulebook? From Red Bull? I think they need to give it to someone else, so I don’t need it.”

Ricciardo had finally overtaken Verstappen before making his one and only pit stop, but then dropped behind his teammate once again after a losing out in the pits. He says the way the situation arose was part of the discussions last week.

“We all talked about it,” he said. “From all different points of views, from what the drivers could have done better, Max and myself. What the team could have done better, Christian [Horner] and the decision makers on the pit wall. What the engineers could have done better or different, so everyone was involved in the process.

“So we had some long discussions and … obviously we are the drivers and we created in the end the incident. That was an accumulation of events, and it was important to address all areas. I don’t think it was just us in that moment, there was a build-up and maybe a way that we could have responded better, whether it was releasing a car or something. So a lot of things were talked about.”

While Ricciardo insists no team orders will be implemented as a result of the incident — which forced both cars to retire — he does expect Red Bull to take action if a similar situation is unfolding.

“Possibly. I think so. But as well when I am racing, for sure it was intense but I am also having some fun. It is a good battle. A bit weird when it is your teammate, because it is sometimes easier with a person not from your team because of what can happen, as we showed. I was enjoying it and it was hard but I guess part of me as well was wanting to try and make it happen without being assisted.

“But after at some point it probably got a bit too long, so that is maybe where the team could step in in the future. For sure us when we are driving, and already when you had some contact once or twice, then there is a lot adrenaline and it really just spirals or can spiral.”

–Chris Medland