Alonso critical of F1’s predictability as he contemplates future

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Alonso critical of F1’s predictability as he contemplates future

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Alonso critical of F1’s predictability as he contemplates future


Fernando Alonso is expressing frustration with Formula 1’s predictability, describing it as “sad” for F1 when asked whether his future lies in F1 or elsewhere.

The Spaniard is taking part in the full World Endurance Championship Super Season as part of his attempts to win the Triple Crown — the Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500 and Le Mans — and duly won the season-opening 6 Hours of Spa last weekend. Despite Toyota securing an easy one-two in the event, Alonso suggested F1 was too predictable when asked if his future lies away from F1 due to McLaren’s distance from the front-running teams.

“It doesn’t matter, I think, the results that we are achieving in one or other championships; you know I am attempting two world championships at the same time,” Alonso said. “I am happy with the progress we did here at McLaren and with the direction that everything is going for the future.

“I am happy on the endurance attempt as well. It’s quite demanding, especially the F1 calendar. The biggest thing here is how predictable everything is. We can put on a paper now what will be the qualifying here on Saturday, what will be in Monaco, in Canada and in Silverstone, so that’s something you need to take into account for future decisions.

“This is sad, in a way, for Formula 1, the direction in which everything went.”

Despite his comments, Alonso says his motivation in F1 has not dropped even though it has been five years since his last victory in the category.

“I kept the motivation because I’m a competitive man. I love to win. In 2013, we won here [in Barcelona]… I think the tires were degrading a lot that year and we make an extra stop and we managed to win the race. Not with the quickest car, Nico [Rosberg] was on pole by six tenths or something like that. That was a good call by the team at that time.

“In 2014 we had quite a difficult season, and then the last three years you know that we struggled a lot and that the project was always getting a bit difficult and we tried to give hope for the following year. It’s the same this year. I think the start has been not too bad, in terms of results especially and the number of points.

“The win last weekend in Spa will not change anything. I think it’s two different series and two different worlds. It will not change anything for me. Every time that I will have a car that is close to victory, I will go for it. I did some better races in the last five years, even if the last victory was five years ago.

“Here, in the last five years, I did much better races than previously, even if I was not able to win the race. The Baku race is one of… I will never probably do a race as I did in Baku, and I finished seventh. It’s difficult to see from the outside but extremely proud and motivated every time you do a one-off performance.”

–Chris Medland