Wallace-Hamlin tension continues at Atlanta

Wallace-Hamlin tension continues at Atlanta

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Wallace-Hamlin tension continues at Atlanta


The post-Daytona 500 spat between Darrell Wallace Jr. and Denny Hamlin has not dissipated.

Friday, Wallace revealed that as he expected would happen, he’s been told he’s no longer a part of Hamlin’s amateur golf league, The Golf Guys Tour. 

“Although I didn’t get the direct text,” Wallace said. “It went through like five or six people. That’s classy, I guess.”

Wallace also revealed he decided to remove himself from Hamlin’s basketball league, The Hoop Group, “just after the conversation we had that day.”

Battling for second place at the finish of the Daytona 500, Wallace and Hamlin made contact and eventually crashed. Hamlin said it was a result of cutting down a tire.

But Wallace took a shot at Hamlin in his post-race TV interview, saying Hamlin “might need to take some Adderall for that one.” The reference was in regard to Hamlin saying 70 percent of drivers take the medication to stay focused during a Barstool Sports podcast, which he later said was a joke.

The two drivers also had a heated exchange in the Daytona garage as they passed each other outside the media center. Hamlin later posted on Twitter “anyone who wouldn’t take offense to the stupid things that was said has absolutely no backbone. I have one.”

Wallace was third fastest in the only practice session Friday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Hamlin was sixth fastest and when interviewed by Fox Sports 1 said the incidents with Wallace are motivation and described them as bumps in the road. He also said that the spots in his two leagues have been filled.

“I’ve always been motivated,” Hamlin said. “It just fires me up more to be more motivated. So, I have no issue at all. I’m here to do the best I can to get a good finish and put us in position to do well in the regular season, win some races, get some bonus points.”