Hamlin, Wallace get heated after Daytona finish

Hamlin, Wallace get heated after Daytona finish

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Hamlin, Wallace get heated after Daytona finish


Denny Hamlin took to Twitter late Tuesday to explain a post-Daytona 500 confrontation between him and Darrell Wallace Jr., set off by the two crashing just past the start-finish line in a battle for second.

The explanation came after a video surfaced of the two drivers in a heated exchanged outside the media center. Hamlin, who finished third after Wallace nipped him at the finish, was on his way out of the media center when he encountered Wallace, who was on his way in after being cleared from the infield care center. The two exchanged words for a few seconds before they were led in different directions. 

Both drivers saw the finish line incident differently.

According to Hamlin, he cut down a tire after contact with Wallace late in the race: 

“What Bubba said” came in Wallace’s post-race TV interview with Fox, when he took a shot at Hamlin by saying “he might need to take some Adderall for that one.”


The reference was a dig at Hamlin for a Barstool Sports podcast he did in the days before the 500. After being asked if NASCAR drivers were drug tested, Hamlin was goaded into estimating how many drivers he believed were on Adderall to help with focus, and Hamlin threw out 70 percent. He later said he was joking.

“It looked kind of like the same move he pulled on Ryan [Blaney] at Martinsville if I remember correctly last year with that mayhem,” Wallace said after the race. “If that happened, OK, so be it, but it just seems like he got off of me a little bit and then back into me. I know the cars drive crazy, and whatnot and they’re a handful, but it just didn’t seem like that right away, but it was tough to see from that angle anyways.

“Who knows. We’re both pissed off at each other. But we’re racers. We’re competitive, and we’ll go into Atlanta and be fine. I might be kicked out of the basketball league [Hamlin has], but whatever. And golf league, too.”

On Tuesday night, Hamlin ended his explanation by saying, “Anyone who wouldn’t take offense to the stupid things that was said has absolutely no backbone. I have one.”