Red Bull now has best car - Verstappen

Red Bull now has best car - Verstappen

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Red Bull now has best car - Verstappen


Max Verstappen believes Red Bull has the best car on the grid heading into this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix following two wins in four races.

After a slow start to the season due to wind tunnel correlation issues, Red Bull has improved steadily throughout the season and Verstappen won in both Malaysia and Mexico on outright pace. While he still feels the Renault power unit leaves Red Bull lagging behind Mercedes and Ferrari at times, Verstappen is confident the chassis itself is the strongest in F1.

“I don’t know how [reliability] is going to be next year, but I believe in the team and as you can see lately the car has been improving a lot and now I think we have the best car, so that is also why I signed up for more years,” Verstappen said.

“The whole package is still not the best but what is the most important for me personally is the car. Everybody can win championships of course when you have a very powerful engine, but I hope that especially now the upcoming two years that it will be at least a bit closer. Then even when we are a few horsepower down we can win races.”

With Red Bull having struggled with its form at the start of the year for the past two seasons, Verstappen is also confident that the team will not suffer the same issue in 2018.

“No. we learned from our mistakes so hopefully we will have a better car at the beginning of the year. I think we will anyway because the rules are not really changing. It is not that from one season to the other next you are going to gain a massive amount of downforce, but we should be alright.”

Having scored more than half of his total points this season in the last four races, Verstappen insists his run of form has not had an impact on his personal confidence level.

“It has always been the same. It is not that I need [wins] to get confident or whatever, so good. A good feeling of course but nothing ever really changes.

“It has definitely been positive. Of course the season in general is still not how it should have been because I am catching up a lot now but I lost a lot of points. I am not happy in that way, that I am still sixth in championship. On the other hand it does not really matter if you are second or sixth, it is not first.”

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