F1 can learn social media from NASCAR - Busch

F1 can learn social media from NASCAR - Busch

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F1 can learn social media from NASCAR - Busch


NASCAR star Kurt Busch says Formula 1 needs to follow NASCAR’s lead on social media if it wants to increase its global appeal.

Having been criticized in the past, Formula One Management has vastly improved the quantity and quality of content it puts out on social media this season. But restrictions remain on what itself, teams and drivers can do on social media at grands prix, because of the way its TV rights deals have been constructed.

Given the lack of access to F1 at venues for fans, in stark contrast to the situation in NASCAR, Busch said social media needs to be utilized.

“I heard that Lewis [Hamilton] was in trouble on Snapchat, because of the access he was giving fans,” the 2004 Cup champion said. “NASCAR heard I was coming to an F1 race and they wanted me to sign into their account and they want me to promote Formula 1 on the Snapchat NASCAR channel. So that’s the thing, that’s all controlled above us.

“In NASCAR, you want to show them but also show enough intrigue so that they will continue to view it at the track themselves. Of course you want to keep certain things private, but NASCAR wants as much new information so that the fans can see it.”

There was intent for Romain Grosjean to make a guest appearance with the Haas F1 team’s sister outfit Stewart-Haas Racing in the Sprint Cup at some point this year. However, that has been put on hold until next year, with the Frenchman’s 2016 options limited.

When asked if he had considered doing the opposite and trying an F1 car, Busch said yes, but conceded it would be difficult.

“Obviously I’d love to do it if I had that opportunity,” he said. “The visit to Baku was more of a cultural experience as well as to show Gene how much I love motorsports, and how much I respect him for all he’s done, to start all this up.

“You never know when that bridge can lead to the next bridge. But to be in front of people, being around the situation, this helps.

“If there was a chance you’d do one trip, then you’d do a practice session in the off-season and then you would talk to find a venue. It’s difficult – there’s only one car per team, where there isn’t a ride available in F1.”


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