Introducing: Chase Owen

Introducing: Chase Owen

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Introducing: Chase Owen


I am Chase Owen, an ambitious and determined open wheel racing driver competing for the chance to move up in the racing world. I am 23 years old and from Houston, Texas.

I attended college at The University of Texas at Austin and graduated in May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Although my studies were important to me in college, an old passion rekindled itself during my junior year. After joining a car club and spending countless hours at kart tracks and on racing simulators with a growing cadre of new racing friends, I couldn’t help exploring ways to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a racecar driver.

I was told by many about a racing school called Skip Barber. None of my friends had ever gone, but they all knew about it and wanted to go. When I learned of a Skip Barber program called The IndyCar Academy, a shootout for aspiring racers with no prior racing experience, I knew that I had to give my dream a shot.

However, only one thing stood in my way: my parents. They had no interest in cars, let alone racing cars, so I knew I had to come up with something creative. Therefore, I sold our trip to Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca as a “golf trip” where they would have fun and golf on the beautiful Pacific coast while I went to ‘school’ at the racetrack. Somehow, my plan worked, which set in motion a year that I will never forget.

After attending a few more Skip Barber schools in which I was coached and encouraged by the incredible instructors, I began to improve my driving skills. My goal from the beginning was to receive an invitation to Skip Barber’s prestigious IndyCar Academy Shootout, and I was thrilled when I was invited to participate. All I had to do next was win!

I had trained so hard and learned so much from the Skip Barber instructors that driving a racecar had become second nature to me. Absorbing and applying everything I was taught is the reason that I walked away from the IndyCar Academy with a 1st place trophy in my hand.

Not only had I won my first racing competition, but I won a full season in the Skip Barber Summer Series, which is where I find myself today. As a rookie in the racing world, each race week at a new track has been a completely new adventure for me. Thankfully, the Skip Barber instructors have continued to provide me with valuable feedback on racing fundamentals and strategy, and the mechanics are always willing to help me learn the basic design of the race car and how to get the most speed out of it. I’ve also learned from my fellow racers, who continually amaze me with their talent and desire. It has been an extremely competitive season, one in which I am proud to have been a participant.

Currently, going into the last race of the Summer Series, I find myself narrowly leading the Series championship in points and I currently have eight wins and 14 podiums in my short career. I look forward to an exciting season finale at Road Atlanta to determine the Summer Series winner.

More importantly, I expect to compete in the Skip Barber Championship Shootout, also at Road Atlanta, which is a dream come true. I am excited about the upcoming week and expect it to continue to be an awesome learning experience on my path to becoming a professional race car driver. Please stay tuned to watch me on my journey through the racing world!