Timo Reger: The tables have turned

Timo Reger: The tables have turned

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Timo Reger: The tables have turned


Recently, I had the unique opportunity to help coach and learn the other side of the Skip Barber Racing School system, switching from current racer to intern instructor.

As soon as I heard that Skip Barber Racing School was conducting a 3 Day Racing School at my home track, MSR Houston, I knew I had to be there. It was a great opportunity to learn as much as I could about how Skip Barber Racing School teaches aspiring racers to become the best racers in the country. With names like Mario Andretti, Alexander Rossi and Ryan Hunter-Reay, the pedigree of racing talent that has come through the Skip Barber Racing School system is unparalled, and I wanted to see the 40-year system in action … from the other side.

Despite being an aspiring race car driver racing myself, I had a lot of track time at MSR Houston. Having two track records and countless laps at this track, I knew it like the back of my hand, and the opportunity to give back was one I couldn’t miss. Given my experience and passion for the area, I knew it would be great to help teach other drivers about the track and learn some new things myself.

Throughout the three days, I watched every driver from all different levels of racing, from track day fanatics to some drivers who had never set foot on a racetrack, begin to progress. It was exciting being part of their development, and to see veteran instructors showcase why the Skip Barber Racing School system was so successful. Attention to each student was critical. Moreover, it was cool to see everyone continuously evolve as a racer in the short time. Each driver picked up pace after each session. Being on the other end of the table was an exciting experience.

I would like to thank Skip Barber Racing School for letting me come and help teach aspiring racers like myself, and bring more passion-filled gearheads onto the racetrack. Despite being there to help coach, I learned a little bit about my own driving and how I learn. I can’t wait to get back on track and continue working towards my dream of becoming successful in motorsports.

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