Kristensen and Solberg back for RoC

Kristensen and Solberg back for RoC

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Kristensen and Solberg back for RoC


Nine-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner Tom Kristensen and reigning World Rallycross champion Petter Solberg will team up again for the 2015 Race of Champions at London’s former Olympic stadium.

The pair won the RoC Nations Cup last year in Barbados, and will be reunited on Nov. 20-21 when the non-championship event returns to the UK for the first time since 2008.

Kristensen, who retired from Audi’s Le Mans and World Endurance Championship lineup at the end of last year, has contested every Race of Champions since 2001.

“My ‘official’ last race was at the World Endurance Championship in Sao Paulo last year but I count the Race of Champions as the exception to the rule,” he said. “I’ve been coming here for many years and I hope to keep that up into the future.

“The challenge is to drive against top drivers from a wide range of motorsport series, but what we all love about RoC is that we get to socialize off the trackm too.

“It was great to win the RoC Nations Cup with Petter in Barbados last year. Denmark and Norway are usually rivals rather than partners but we showed we can team up if we really have to. We worked very well together and last year’s victory shows that, I guess. There were a lot of tight finishes but in the end we showed those younger drivers we still have what it takes.”

Solberg leads the 2015 World Rallycross Championship after five events, with the season finale to be held in Argentina the weekend after RoC’s London return.

“Of course there is a fun side to the Race Of Champions but that’s not why we all come,” he said. “We come to race, push to the max and show the rest who’s boss. But at RoC you don’t get much time to think and you have to get straight on the pace so it’s not easy.

“The big problem is that all the other drivers are as crazy as I am! Nonetheless Tom and I had a good run last year and we’ll do everything to reach the top of the podium again in London. Then I’ll work just as hard to beat him – and everyone else – in the individual Race of Champions.”

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