HOW AM I DRIVING? Partner Iveco launch driver safety project

HOW AM I DRIVING? Partner Iveco launch driver safety project

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HOW AM I DRIVING? Partner Iveco launch driver safety project


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The project by FIA Action for Road Safety’s partner Iveco along with TNT will be using a process of monitoring and reporting of the truck drivers of medium and large fleets by other drivers who notice risky behaviours.

This transparent model of shared social responsibility is already applied successfully in other European countries, where it has produced tangible results and created a virtuous circle by stimulating the drivers’ sense of responsibility.

Participants to the press conference of the project launch included local state officials as well as a representative of the FIA, Luca Pascotto, FIA Global Public Policy Manager.

TNT and Iveco chose the city of Milan for the first test run in Italy to introduce this system. A sticker attached to the back of the TNT fleet vans circulating Milan provides a toll-free number – 0080056567878 – for other drivers to call when they notice unsafe behaviour of the van drivers. The Iveco Customer Service, active 24 hours a day, will collect the data which will be monitored and communicated in real time to TNT supervisors.

How well does it work?

Some studies (Fireman’s Fund Insurance) indicate that monitoring programmes reduce the risk of accidents by 22%, creating a deterrent to the drivers’ aggressive and risky behaviour that generates greater costs in terms of fuel consumption, insurance, vehicle wear and fines for traffic infractions.

 Data collected abroad indicates that no feedback was received for 80% of the drivers. Of the 20% of drivers reported, 10% of the calls were to praise exemplary behaviour, while only 10% concerned inappropriate conduct. The mere application of the stickers leads to a 3% reduction in accident risks.

The fleet of vans that TNT Italy uses for the so-called “last-mile” delivery is a first and significant test, involving approximately 100 TNT vehicles in the project in Milan. After evaluating the results, plans are to extend the programme to other cities and new partners running professional transport fleets.   

About Iveco

Iveco designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, and vehicles for applications such as off-road missions. In addition, with the brand Iveco Astra, it builds mining and construction vehicles, rigid and articulated dump trucks and specialty vehicles. Iveco employs close to 21,000 individuals globally. It manages production sites in 7 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America.

The “How is my driving?” project is part of a broader commitment to road safety that Iveco has undertaken for some time now. Road safety is a core value for the company as part of the Case New Holland Group, with advanced vehicle safety systems making an essential contribution to protecting drivers, passengers, other road users, vehicles and cargo.

Iveco’s commitment to road safety is demonstrated throughout its entire product range. Each vehicle, from the heaviest to the lightest, offers the most advanced preventive, active, and passive safety systems.


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