Behind the Zoom Jonathan Bomarito

Behind the Zoom Jonathan Bomarito

Mazda Motorsports

Behind the Zoom Jonathan Bomarito


Endurance sports car racing is unique in motorsports because multiple drivers share duties to pilot the car to a victory. This creates a very different dynamic (and ego level) than in most categories. This week, Mazda Motorsports Prototype driver Jonathan Bomarito explains the mindset of sharing a ride.

Hi everyone. I’d like to explain what it’s like sharing a race car with your teammate. In sports car racing, you always have a minimum of one teammate and, in some 24 hour races, you could be sharing the car with up to four other drivers. Fast driver changes, car setup, pace, and motivating each other are some of the aspects to a good driver pairing.

Tristan Nunez is my teammate in the No. 70 SKYACTIV Mazda Prototype. One of the first things you look at with driver pairings is size. Even though there are ways to make most size differences between teammates work, it’s always best to be as similar in size as possible. Tristan and I are similar enough to share the same seat with no insert. This means we can do our driver changes as quickly as possible with the least amount of risk of making mistakes. In endurance racing, being comfortable is very important to minimize soreness and the possibility of cramping.

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