GT-3 Nissan 240SX

GT-3 Nissan 240SX


GT-3 Nissan 240SX

Chuck McKinney’s 2014 SCCA Runoffs Podium Finishing GT-3 Nissan 240SX “Wonderbread” Car

Square tube chassis, Lotus link, flat floor, driver’s side exhaust, Rebello 2015 Spec KA24 3-Valve motor, 32mm SIR, built NEW for the 2014 Runoffs on a virgin block and crank (all new parts with the absolute latest trick internals, engine and chassis dyno tuned).

Completely sorted, 3rd Place finisher at the 2014 Runoffs, 2014 NORPAC Division GT-3 Championship, 1997 NASPORT Championship and current lap record holder at the Thunderhill “new” 5 mile course and previous lap record holder at the Thunderhill 3 mile course.

This car could position you to win the 2015 Runoffs. This is a very safe, well-maintained car designed and engineered to be managed by one person.

$58,500 or best offer with 2 motors, 3 sets of wheels and spares

With 19 years of continuous development and more than $125,000 invested, this is a winning car!

Additional Information:

  • Chassis:
  • Square tube chassis, flat floor, driver’s side exhaust
  • Neely front uprights / McKinney A-arms / easy camber and caster setting
  • Lotus link rear, Speedway SuperMax Quick Change with “GoldTrack” limited slip, gun drilled axles, Speedway gear oil pump with Earl’s cooler
  • Ground Control “Advance Design” adjustable shocks with fresh factory rebuild and dyno
  • Hanging Tilton pedal assembly, adjustable for driver height
  • Speedway adjustable tubular front sway bar
  • Fuel Safe 10 gallon fuel cell with new foam
  • External Holly Blue supply pump with custom external surge tank feeding a Bosch high pressure, high volume FI pump
  • 3 gallon Patterson Oil tank
  • New Nissan 300ZX Radiator
  • Pyrotect integrated fire system
  • Earl’s lines exclusively
  • New Deka 12 volt battery
  • Forward and rear chassis sections bolted for quick and easy removal
  • Power Train:
  • New Rebello 2015 Spec KA24 3-Valve with 32mm SIR built for the 2014 Runoffs on a virgin block and crank (all new parts with the absolute latest trick internals, dyno tuned and completely sorted)
  • Fully developed ported head with Ferrea high heat stainless steel oversized valves, beryllium copper intake seats and double row timing chain
  • J&E lightweight pistons with special wrist pin configuration
  • Lightweight, small pin, taper beam extra-long Honda rod journal Carrillo rods
  • Nissan Crank with small rod journals polished and nitrated
  • TDC drysump pump with new A.R.E cast aluminum drysump pan with Teflon crank scraper
  • Adaptronics Engine Management system custom-mapped by Brian Rebello and wired for external fuel mixture trim, with crank trigger ignition and Mazda coil packs
  • Borla (TWM) Independent Throttle Body Intake with TWM injector rail
  • Custom reinforced Carbon Fibre Air box with K&N Style inline air filter in aluminum cold air box in nose
  • Custom made equal length Stainless Steel headers with Borla racing muffler
  • Drive Train:
  • G-Force GF-5R rolled-over 5 Speed Dog Ring Gearbox with Long Shifter, freshly rebuilt, custom oil squirter system for all 5 gear sets with Tilton external transmission pump and Earl’s cooler
  • 1 pc Aluminum driveshaft
  • Tilton hydraulic clutch release bearing
  • New Tilton 3 disc 5 1/2″ clutch assembly with Tilton flywheel
  • Tilton Gear reduction starter
  • Brakes:
  • 4 piston calipers and .810″ vented rotors front and rear
  • Driver adjustable Tilton master cylinder assemblies with brake balance-bar assembly (all 3 master cylinders are new)
  • Steering:
  • Woodward changeable ratio steering rack
  • Bodywork:
  • Nissan 240SX fibreglass body freshly painted
  • Genesis Engineering Carbon Fibre rear wing custom sized for GT-3 Nissan 240SX
  • Lexan windshield, rear and side windows
  • Entire body work Dzused on and comes completely off in seconds, including the windshield and roof
  • Side jacking points with jack posts
  • Wheels:
  • Three sets of matching 15×7 Panasport wheels, all with same offset (new suspension design allows the same wheel offset front and rear)
  • Two sets with mounted Avon bias ply slicks fresh from the Runoffs, and one set with Goodyear bias rains
  • Cockpit:
  • Auto Meter 5″ Tachometer with shift light and tattle tale
  • Auto Meter 2-5/8″ liquid filled gauges (Oil pressure, Oil temp, Coolant temp, and Fuel pressure)
  • AEM Digital Air/Fuel Mixture Gage
  • Digatron dual display EGT with sample button switch on steering wheel
  • Aircraft toggle switches with rubber covers
  • ButlerBuilt custom-fit aluminum racing seat
  • G-Force 2014 6-point harness, Hans Device compatible
  • Custom aluminum interior, with removable tranny tunnel
  • NASCAR Bars on driver’s side
  • Spares:
  • Spare KA24 engine, 10 races, fresh head, new double row timing chain and guide
  • Neely front uprights
  • Large selection of 8″ front and 10″ rear Eibach springs
  • Six sets of quick change gears
  • Spare crank trigger sensors
  • Lots of other miscellaneous stuff

Call or e-mail me for a complete spec sheet and photos.
Chuck McKinney
Phone: (510) 812-1140

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