F1: Horner says teams shouldn't have cost input

F1: Horner says teams shouldn't have cost input

Formula 1

F1: Horner says teams shouldn't have cost input


Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes that the only way for effective cost control rules to work in Formula 1 is if the teams are not involved in agreeing them.

After several months of discussions aimed at bringing about a dramatic reduction in expenditure failed to produce solutions, Horner has suggested that the biggest block to progress is the teams themselves.

Under the current system, teams are able to influence rules in the F1 Strategy Group, and then also get a vote on agreeing them at F1 Commission. Horner says he thinks a better way forward would be for motor racing’s governing body and commercial chiefs to sort the rules out alone.

“The FIA should write those, together with [commercial rights holder Formula One Management], then the teams have the choice, when they enter the world championship, whether they enter or not,” said Horner in an exclusive interview with AUTOSPORT. “They sign up to those rules.”

Horner suggests that it is impossible to get agreement from teams to make significant changes to the rules because each outfit is so focused on its own competitiveness.

“You’ve got too many vested [interests] in there,” he said. “You’ve got Ferrari, you’ve got their historical position, McLaren, and you’ve got a different position for Red Bull or Mercedes. So you’re never going to get everybody in line.”


Originally on Autosport.com