F1: Massa admits pole return emotional

F1: Massa admits pole return emotional

Formula 1

F1: Massa admits pole return emotional


Felipe Massa admitted securing pole position for the Austrian Grand prix was a very emotional moment for him after a drought of nearly five years.

The Williams driver beat teammate Valtteri Bottas to the top spot to grab his first Formula 1 pole position since the 2008 Brazilian GP. It was Massa’s 16th F1 pole and also the first for Williams since the 2012 Spanish GP.

“I am so happy with what has happened today,” said Massa. “For our team was such a great moment. It was already a long time ago when I had my last pole position, which was in Brazil 2008, so it’s such an incredible moment.

“For sure we need to concentrate on the race tomorrow. It will be a difficult and important race for us. The best place to be is here – the first place. It is something I got the chance to be many times in my whole career and I am again now.

“I am happy, very emotional. I am so pleased for me and Williams as well.”

Massa admitted the threat from championship frontrunner Mercedes is a big consideration for Sunday’s race, but he said he will do anything possible to try to secure his first win in nearly five years.

“We cannot forget what Mercedes have been doing until now,” he said. “We cannot forget they have been ahead. At the moment they are in front, they are stronger and I hope during the championship we can close or even pass.

“We start in a better position and we need to see how Mercedes will be in the race, but we will try everything we can, definitely.”

Bottas was also delighted with the result, but is equally aware that keeping Mercedes behind will not be easy.

“I am really happy for us as a team with this result,” said Bottas. “It is really good at this point. It is only Saturday but we can see all the hard work starts to pay off and I am really happy for us.

“The race is tomorrow. We need to focus on that. It will be a different story to keep the Mercedes behind, and other cars like Ferrari and Red Bull will be strong.

“Not a bad day, but we need to stay focused.”


Originally on Autosport.com