F1: Hamilton says winning margins not enough

F1: Hamilton says winning margins not enough

Formula 1

F1: Hamilton says winning margins not enough


Lewis Hamilton insists that just beating Mercedes Formula 1 teammate Nico Rosberg to grand prix wins is not good enough, because he thinks he should be well clear of him.

The Briton has defeated Rosberg in the last four F1 races to move to the head of the championship standings. But despite his impressive run, Hamilton thinks he should be doing better and should not have faced the kind of pressure that Rosberg put him under at both the Bahrain and Spanish Grands Prix.

“It’s still encouraging that I won [in Spain],” he said. “As in Bahrain I felt massively good after that, but I know what I’ve got and I feel it shouldn’t have been that close. That’s what I’m working towards [being further ahead]. The places where I finished ahead, like Malaysia and China, that’s how it should be.

“In Spain and Bahrain he was quicker. Even though I finished ahead, and it’s positive in the sense I know I’m able to behave well under pressure, [but] ultimately he was quicker.”

Hamilton insists that his feelings are not because he is downcast about his progress, but more that he is demanding even more of himself as the title fight with Rosberg intensifies.

“I’m not being negative,” he said. “It’s just I’m a perfectionist. Most people would be like, ‘Yeah, I won the race. Even though the other guy was right on my tail, I won the race.’ But I should have been quicker. It shouldn’t have been as hard.

“As I say, I’m striving for perfection. It’s not that I’m unhappy. I had an amazing day [in Spain], an amazing weekend, even though I struggled in qualifying when I nearly lost it. But I just pulled out a really good lap and got pole. That’s a real positive, but it was a risky lap.

“In the race, I managed to stay ahead, and did a good job. But I want to be better, and that’s what I’m getting at.”

Originally on Autosport.com