F1: Mercedes admits Brawn will be missed

F1: Mercedes admits Brawn will be missed

Formula 1

F1: Mercedes admits Brawn will be missed


Mercedes is going to feel the absence of its former team principal Ross Brawn when the Formula 1 season starts, reckons its motorsport chief Toto Wolff.

Brawn has chosen to retire from F1 in the wake of a management reshuffle at Mercedes which ended up with Wolff and Paddy Lowe being made joint executive directors.

Although the team has put a brave face on since Brawn’s departure, Wolff reckons that he will be missed most once the stresses of the 2014 campaign begin.

“Of course there is always an impact when somebody like Ross leaves,” conceded Wolff. “He was an iconic leader, and we are going to notice that he is missing when it is getting stressful on race weekends. His leadership and his guidance is something that was extraordinary.

“It has been felt that he has gone, but it [Mercedes] is a large organization with a couple of hundred really good people, and that is why we are trying to saddle it up.”

Lowe, who joined from McLaren after being promised a senior team management role, reckoned that the different spheres of influences that he and Wolff have are good for the team.

“I like to paint it more as a partnership and not a division of responsibility,” he said. “We work together on most things. He happens to specialize more on the commercial side, and myself on the technical side, but between us we’re running the team.

“Of course, my background is technical director so that gives me a benefit to understand some of the things they are doing. But my role won’t be hugely different to what Ross did the previous few years.

“It’s something that is very exciting for me to move forward into, for both next season and the ones beyond.”

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