F1: Raikkonen mileage pleases Ferrari

F1: Raikkonen mileage pleases Ferrari

Formula 1

F1: Raikkonen mileage pleases Ferrari


Kimi Raikkonen’s start to pre-season Formula 1 testing has left Ferrari’s technical director James Allison convinced the team has a good foundation to build on.

The Finn topped the times on the opening day of running at Jerez and ended day two second fastest to McLaren’s Jenson Button. More encouraging to Ferrari than the times, however, is the fact that the F14 T has completed 78 laps over the opening two days.

“I am reasonably happy with what we have seen so far,” said Allison. “I don’t think there are any killers we have uncovered.

“The fault list is not a short one, it never is with a new car, but we are able to keep going out of the garage and doing the laps. Our relative lack of laps compared with the V8 era is not about the fundamental reliability of the package, it is about us making sure we don’t make mistakes.”

Allison said the lack of running throughout the field compared to 12 months ago was evidence not of poor reliability but simply the complication of the new rules.

“The point of these first two days is to get running, get the car programmed with the gazillion of numbers that you need to make it do its thing, and to make sure that the really basic building blocks of the car are correct,” he said. “That includes stuff that is straightforward but completely fundamental to this car like doing all the things for cooling properly.

“There are a lot of different fluids in the car and they all have to be cooled. That is really extremely important to allow us a foundation for the next two days of testing and the next two days before the season starts.”

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