Raikkonen plays down 2014 F1 changes

Raikkonen plays down 2014 F1 changes

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Raikkonen plays down 2014 F1 changes


Kimi Raikkonen doubts the 2014 Formula 1 rule changes will make a very big difference for drivers.

F1 is undergoing one of its most dramatic technical overhauls this winter, headlined by a move to turbocharged V6 engines incorporating powerful energy recovery systems.

But Raikkonen doubts the driving experience will change much.

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“My feeling is that it’s not going to be as different as people think,” he said in a video interview for Ferrari, which he has rejoined this season after a four-year absence.

“But I might be wrong.

“Hopefully we’ll find out that it’s pretty simple.

“For sure it is already difficult for all the technical people to make a new engine, new gearbox, all this stuff, but as a driver it’s not affecting the driving so much.

“Obviously we’ll have new buttons and new things to follow, but let’s wait and see how easy it is.”

Raikkonen was also ambivalent about F1’s controversial introduction of double points for the season finale from this year.

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“It’s the same for everybody,” he said.

“For sure it might help somebody and might be against somebody else and the people who it helps will like it.

“For me it doesn’t matter. It’s the rule and like it or not, it isn’t going to change.”

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