Double points rule unlikely to change

Double points rule unlikely to change

Formula 1

Double points rule unlikely to change


Lotus boss Eric Boullier has played down the possibility of a swift rethink over Formula 1’s controversial plan to double the points for the season finale, despite a fan backlash.


Although teams have been summoned to a rules summit with the FIA next week, the double points issue is not being viewed as a priority. Despite an overwhelming majority of fans being against the idea based on feedback on websites like this one, Boullier says that the criticisms of it have not led to any impetus among team bosses to make a change. And since it would require a unanimous support for the rule to be set aside, only a push from every team principal will result in a in any change being made before the start of the 2014 campaign.


“To be honest, I’m very neutral on this,” Boullier said. “In our case, it can change everything in the championship in the last race.


“It’s true that it’s a little bit of a change in philosophy, it gives a lot of credit to the last race and it does not reward the hard work of a full year. But this has been decided. It went through.


“Maybe there will be more discussions about it, but I have no idea. To be honest, I am quite easy on this one.”


Although it is understood that the double-points issue has not been singled out for talks next week, there is still a chance it could at least be discussed by teams. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said at the end of last year that although his team had voted in favor of the idea in December’s F1 Strategy Group meeting, he was personally opposed to it and suggested that the rule could be ditched for 2015.


“There has been this decision to give a lot of points at the last race, but I am not enthusiastic about it,” he said. “It looks too artificial. We will see.”