Vettel hopes '14 rules don't split pack

Vettel hopes '14 rules don't split pack

Formula 1

Vettel hopes '14 rules don't split pack


Sebastian Vettel hopes that Formula 1’s new regulations for 2014 do not spread the field out compared to recent years.

While the German and Red Bull have won the past four world championships, two of those four (2010 and ’12) have been decided at the final round, and the spread of most of the field has been closer than in any other era of F1.

The new engine regulations in particular are expected to widen the gaps between teams next year, and Vettel hopes that it does not lead to a less competitive sport.

“Next year with a lot of things changing it is difficult to predict how it impacts on the racing,” Vettel said. “I just hope it doesn’t split the cars too much, because what we had the last couple of years was a very tight battle between a lot of teams.”

Vettel believes that, despite his and Red Bull’s dominance at times, the racing in F1 has been exciting in recent years.

“I think generally we had good races,” he added. “Obviously the racing got criticized [in 2013] for some reasons that we can explain. But I don’t think that is entirely fair because if you look back, it has always been like it has been the last five or six years.

“We have had very close championships, then we had championships which were not that close. But that is the way F1 has been in the past and it will probably continue like that in the future.”