Mercedes ends test after tire blowout

Mercedes ends test after tire blowout

Formula 1

Mercedes ends test after tire blowout


Mercedes’ running at this week’s Bahrain Formula 1 tire test was brought to an early end by damage sustained when Nico Rosberg suffered a blowout at 200mph.

While the Mercedes did not hit anything, the car reportedly did require some repairs as a result of the high-speed spin. As there was insufficient time to complete repairs to get him back out on track for the rest of the final part of the three-day Pirelli test, the decision was made not to run again.

Pirelli is testing its 2014 rubber in Bahrain using current cars, with Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Ferrari running alongside Mercedes, which has had Rosberg driving for all three days.

A Pirelli spokesperson declined to comment about the incident directly but did stress that failures can happen during tire testing.

“The test in Bahrain is a private tire test, so most data generated from it are confidential,” said the spokesperson. “However, incidents can happen, this is what testing is for. Our testing program will continue as planned.”

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