VIDEO: Daytona P2 and DP in-car comparo

VIDEO: Daytona P2 and DP in-car comparo


VIDEO: Daytona P2 and DP in-car comparo


Marshall Pruett and The RACER Channel bring you inside the two different types of cars that comprise the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship’s Prototype class, P2 and Daytona Prototype, from testing at Daytona on Nov. 19.

Through the efforts of IMSA, sanctioning body for the TUDOR Championship, changes have been made to increase DP performance to match that of the P2 cars, and based on the in-car footage from two nearly identical laps around the 3.56-mile circuit, it’s clear the cars produce their speed at different sections of the track. Outright lap times from Nov. 19 showed the 2014-spec DPs lapping much faster than the P2s, but on the laps shown in the video, the time difference is negligible.

Ride along with Extreme Speed Motorsports P2 pilot Johannes van Overbeek and Michael Shank Racing’s DP driver Ozz Negri and look for reference points on the track to gauge their relative performance, starting with the “Daytona” sign on the right side of the track exiting the Bus Stop as they accelerate around the banking and into Turn 1.

Through three different perspectives, the acceleration, braking and cornering differences reveal an interesting tale.

Except for the final in-car viewpoint, audio for each car has been moved to its side of the screen, giving an independent sound experience to follow.