US race quotes: Red Bull

US race quotes: Red Bull

Formula 1

US race quotes: Red Bull


Sebastian Vettel – 1st: “It’s the day after, normally on the Monday, when you feel what you have achieved. It’s a great feeling, you have a grin on your face and it’s nice. On Sunday things happen fast and you don’t always realise what has been achieved until later. It’s down to team effort today. Everyone is willing to push; this morning the guys were working hard as we had some concerns about reliability on the car, so they were flat out trying to fix the problem and the car ran okay all race, so a big thanks to them. I’m not sure what we have done since the summer break in order that we have been winning races, but whatever it was it has worked. When you are a sports man, not every day is supposed to be a good day and you have ups and downs. Certainly you feel the points when you are low, they hurt more than when you are on a high, of course you enjoy those times, but I kept saying that there’s no guarantee for the next race or the one after that or after that! You never know what is coming next, so you have to enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow.”

Mark Webber – 3rd: “The initial launch and my getaway was pretty good. Romain had a good start too, I wanted to get on the right for the breaking point at the first corner, but that’s what everyone did too. I got boxed in and didn’t get a good exit off the corner, but after that it was a strong race. Our pace was good, but you have to manage the tyres well here. Qualifying was where a lot of the race was decided. In the end I did what we could, but I think we left some on the table yesterday. I have some family and friends here this weekend, so it’s good to get a strong result. It would have been better to have had a win, but Seb did a good job here this weekend.”

Christian Horner, Team Principal: “An incredible team performance today. For Sebastian to achieve a new record of the most consecutive wins in a season is a fantastic performance and to be joined on the podium by Mark, who tried everything in the closing laps, gave a team a fantastic podium at the United States Grand Prix. To achieve this result in front of so many of our Team Partners and supporters, as well as setting a potential new pitstop record on Mark’s stop*, has topped off a fantastic weekend for the whole team.”

Thierry Salvi, Renault: “A great result again today with Seb winning and Mark on the third step of the podium. Seb was never bothered by anyone, demonstrating his supremacy again. Mark had a difficult Turn 1, but was able to come back to the podium after a fantastic overtaking move on Hamilton. The car was awesome this weekend and everyone was able to bring out all the little things that make the package very, very quick. We’ll have to remember such an amazing end to the 2013 season.”