Perez: 2014 F1 chances "difficult"

Perez: 2014 F1 chances "difficult"

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Perez: 2014 F1 chances "difficult"


Sergio Perez has admitted that the timing of McLaren’s decision to drop him for 2014 has left him in a difficult position to save his Formula 1 career.

After weeks of speculation about his future, McLaren this week decided that it would not be retaining the Mexican. That decision has left the way open for it to conclude a deal with Kevin Magnussen.

Speaking during an appearance at the FOTA Fan Forum in Austin on Wednesday night, Perez said he had not been expecting McLaren to drop him, and with it being so late in the year it made things harder for him to find an opening for 2014.

“I am in a difficult situation right now because the decision was made very, very late,” said Perez. “But I am confident I will find the best for my career.

“I will not be in F1 just to be in F1. If I don’t find the right option for my career, maybe I will look for something else. The aim is to look for something good, a good team that can give me the opportunity to win races.”

Perez said that he had not yet been given a full explanation for the reasons behind McLaren’s decision to drop him.

“If I am very honest, I haven’t had the chance to get fully into that,” he said, when asked for what reasons he had been given by McLaren. “I think McLaren have their own decisions, and they know what they are doing, so I think it is better you ask them.

“At the moment I don’t know much ” everything happened very quickly in the last few days, that is why I am out for next year and looking for another team.”


Despite his clear disappointment at McLaren’s call, Perez insisted there were no regrets about his time at the team, and praised the atmosphere he had found during what he thinks was the team’s worst year in F1.

“Of course it was not really what I expecting, but this is life and sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to go,” he said. “If I look back, I did my best. I tried to give my very best to take the most out of the chance I had.

“I probably came at the worst possible year in the history of McLaren, but that is life. I look forward.

“I have a lot to give to the sport and to my career. I am only 23 years old, so I have everything ahead of me and I just have to take another route to keep aiming for my goal, which is to become a world champion.”

Despite the lackluster performance of McLaren’s car this year, Perez insisted he does not feel it was unjust for him to be dropped.

“I can be standing here and tell you know that the team was unfair to me,” he explained. “But they have made their decision. I really appreciate it and I will take the best from the team, which is a great family. I have no regrets.”