Massa had 2014 talks with McLaren

Massa had 2014 talks with McLaren

Formula 1

Massa had 2014 talks with McLaren


Felipe Massa has revealed that he held talks with several teams, including McLaren, prior to deciding to join Williams for the 2014 Formula 1 season.

The Brazilian said that he had numerous options for next year but is convinced that being at Williams was ultimately the best choice for him.

“I was talking not only with Lotus, I was talking with Williams, with Force India and with McLaren,” said Massa, when asked about how his talks for next year had progressed. “To be honest, for everything that was happening and everything that I was looking at for the future, I am more convinced that Williams was the right choice.

“Maybe a strong choice was going to be McLaren, but McLaren took a different direction for them. So in my opinion Williams I think was the most constructive team for the future. And I really believe my choice was the good one.”

Although Williams has endured its worst season in F1, Massa believes that the sweeping changes the team has introduced in recent months will prompt a turnaround.

“It is a very difficult moment for Williams, a very difficult championship,” he said. “But there are so many things inside the team, so many people that are different, working for next year’s car, and it is new rules. Everything is different. They also have the Mercedes engine which I am very happy with, as people are talking very well about Mercedes engines next year.

“Aerodynamics is always still an important point, and it is something they are changing in the way they are working for next year.  And then they really are trying to get back to being a competitive team, so they are changing even the drivers. So many things are changing inside the team that it maybe can be interesting and important for the future, not just next year.”